Writing and Evaluating Extension Literature


Writing and Evaluating Extension Literature

Literature is a basis of any teaching programmed. The written material is often supported by appropriate illustration and used as extension tool. Leaflet, pamphlet and bulletin play in important role in extension teaching. These are the simple and brief publication for givens information to the farmers.

How to write:

1., Select the subject of your interest and knowledge.
2. Approach the farmer (Probable reader 0 to know their interest. The reader’s interest should be kept in mind rather than authors interest.
3. Review the relevant literature and discuss with experts.
4. After collecting the information, decide the information into three parts i.e. essential desirable and can be committed.
5. Arrange the information in the sequence.

Writing the Script:

1. Introduction should be direct. In the beginning the subject should be clear.
2. Always start from simple to complex or familiar to unfamiliar, treat the reader with respect. Do not use many unfamiliar or complex highs- sounding. it will help to understand the subject.
3. Sentences should be simple and clear.
4. Only one idea in one sentence. The sentences should be understandable. The complex sentences should be avoided.
5. Be accurate, specific and brief while writing.
6. Have short paragraph.
7. Write the information in the sequence.
8. The cover should be appealing and attractive. The illustration should be appropriate to the subject.
9. The title should be short and appealing.
10. Symbols and complicated diagrams should be avoided.
11. Use suitable type of lettering. Bold and clear letters are better. Positioning and spacing of letters is important in increasing efficiency.
12. Prepare the complete script and after few hours or next day review it or show it to others.
13. Printing of extension literature should be on good quality proper with good type.
14. Printing of extension literature should be done on good quality paper with good type.


Leaflet is a single sheet of paper folded to make four- page piece of print matte. The leaflet usually given accurate or specific information on a particular topic. Leaflets are mostly for giving a “ how to do or process story, a set of improved practice to be followed in solving a home or farm operation “ Illustration is place important role in leaflet.


Pamphlet is a small – unbound booklet on some optic. It has 12 – 24 pages and deals with one problem in details.


Bulletin is a bulkier publication with 24 to 50 pages and convey large amount of information for applying in local situation. It covers more technical information.

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