What is Weed?


What is Weed?

Definition of Weeds:

A Great Britain farmer Jethro Tull was the First person who have defined weed in 1731.
1. A weed is plant growing where it is not desired.
2. A weed is a plant growing out of its place.
3. Any plant not sown in the field by the farmer is out of place and is called weed.
4. Any plant or vegetation excluding fungi interfering with the objectives or requirement of people called weed.

As per the meaning of first two definitions, a plant could be undesirable at one place and desirable at other place. E..g Hariali, foxtail and goose grass are valuable plant in pasture but in crop field these are well known trouble some weeds. Meaning of another two definitions is if farmer has sown a sorghum crop in the field then the plants/ vegetation other than sorghum are considered as weed.

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