Weed Management and Its Important


Weed Management and Its Important

Weed Management:

It is the process of keeping or minimizing the weed population and their growth below the level of economic injury to the crop with minimum environment pollution.

Weeds can be managed by adopting any suitable method of weed control and if needed by combining two or more methods of weed control.

Importance of Weed Management:

The total annual loss of agricultural produce various due various parts in India is as below

1) Weeds: 45%
2) Insects: 30%
3) Diseases: 20%
4) Other pests (Rats, wild animals)

A recent estimate shows that weeds cause annual loss of Rs. 1980 crores to Indian Agricultural which is more than combined losses caused by insects, pests and disease.

Weed pest is the enemy No.1 to the crops. Weeds compete with crop plants for plant for plant nutrients, soil moisture, space and sunlight. Weeds are hardy ad vigorous in growth habit.

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