Weed Control in Forest and Grassland


Weed Control in Forest and Grassland

To know the control of specific weeds observed in non-cropped areas.

I) Weeds of Forest: Woody Plant Species:


1. Cutting
2. Burning
3. Bulldozing
4. Use of rollers
5. Mowers discs
6. Chemicals
7. Managed grazing
8. Insects etc.

Ester formations of 2.4-D are most effective to control woody species. Other herbicides effective are (i) Formations of 2.4,5-T, 2.4-DB, MCPB and Silvex (ii) Amitrol (iii) Ammate (iv) Fenuran pallets.

II) Weeds in Grass Lands:

Shrubby and herbaceous weeds grow in grass land. There weeds are competitive and harmful to grass growth due to mismanagement of grassland.


a. Controlled and deformed grazing.

b. Proper fertilization.

c. Appropriate gap filling.

d. Soil and water conservation etc. are used to keep the weeds suppressed.

Physical Weed Control in Grasslands:

Burning, mowing, hand grazing controlled grasing grubling etc.

Biological Weed Control:

In grassland prickly pear (Opunting spp) in Australia has been successfully controlled.

Herbicidal Control in Grasslands:

a. Removal of weeds from grasslands and

b. Remove them to grow more nutritive species that are present.

c. Herbicides control weeds efficiently non – residual herbicides like paraquat and MSMA are successfully use to kill total vegetation and to plant seeds of desired grasses and legumes.

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