Weed Biology, Weed Ecology and Weed Hardiness


Weed Biology, Weed Ecology and Weed Hardiness

Weed Biology:

The weed biology is concerned with the establishment growth reproduction and dissemination or dispersal of weeds as well as influence of environment on these processes.

The study of weed biology is important with a view to understand the survival mechanism of weeds and their adaptation to disturbed soil condition, effect by environmental factors on distribution of weed species and characteristics of weed that enable them to compete with crops. This knowledge is useful for weed management.

Weed Ecology:

Weed ecology is the relationship of weeds to their environment and is concerned with the effect of climatic, edaphic (Soil) and biotic factors on the distribution, prevalence, competing ability, behavior and survival of weeds.

Weed Hardiness:

It is the ability of weed to withstand climatic, edaphic, and biotic stresses.

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