Varieties of Coffee


Varieties of Coffee

1. Coffee Arabica:

It is one of the predominant varieties grown in the coffee belts of the world. It prefer cool climate and high altitude. If left unproned grows to a height of 3-4 meters with branches growing opposite to each other horizontally. Fruits are borne in clusters in axils of one year old wood containing 15 to 20 berries per cluster. The flavour is typical and characteristic is superior to other varieties. It is susceptible to leaf disease Hemeleta vastatrix  Some of the important strains of C. arabica are :

a) Kent Coffee:

It is vigorous moderately resistant to leaf disease and" gives good yields with bold good sized berries.

b) Blue Mountain Coffee:

Introduced from Jamaica, characterized by heavy berries bluish in colour.

c) Coffee robusta:

It likes warm humid atmosphere and grows well under lower altitude, hardy, resistant to leaf disease. Yield is comparatively less than arabica. It is characterized by more bushy habit.

d) Cofflmliitemm:

It. is tree of moderate size and grows to a .height of 8 meters when left .unpEQimedi The borne on the leaf axils & on branches in single and also in clusters.

e) Coffee exeel:

This species is allied, to Coffee tiberic.

f) Coffee congensis:

Resembles Coffee arabica.

g) Coffee cugencil:    

Bush is very small with, very small leaves and beries.

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