Varieties of Black Pepper


Varieties of Black Pepper

1. Panniyur-1: Released in 1966, vigorous, non-pigmented growing tip, long spikes and bold berries. Average yield ~ 2.2 kg black pepper.

2.  Panniyur-2
: Released in 1989. High yielding and tolerates shade, vigorous growing and has no pigmentation on the growing tip.

3.  Panniyur-3:
Released in 1989 for high yield. Faint pigmentation of the growing tip.

4. Panniyur-4
: High yielding late variety, released in 1989. Late in harvest.

5. Swbtakara:
Average yield – 4.94 kg green berries/vine.

6. Srifcara:
High yielding. Average yield- 2.67 tons

7. Shyama:
Hybrid variety Average yield – 4.88 kg/vine.

8. Paattitfti:
High yielding. Clone already in cultivation known as Aimipiriyan.

9. Pournami:
Released by N.R.C., Spices,

Kozhikode for high yield and nematode resistant abilities.

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