Use of Honey, Bee’s Wax and Honey Bee


Use of Honey, Bee’s Wax and Honey Bee

Uses of Honey:

1.  Honey is rich, readily assimilable energy giving food.

2. One kilogram of honey is estimated to be equivalent to five kilograms of milk, one and a half kilogram of meat, forty oranges or fifty eggs.

3. It is used as a carrier in many ayurvedic and unani medicines.

4.  It is used as a laxative and blood purifier.

5. It is curative for sore, ulcers in tongue and soar throat.

6. Regular use of honey is advocated for stomach and intestinal ulcers being potentially alkaline as fruits. It does not produce acidosis.

7. It is used in many religious rites.

8. In western countries, it is used in making alcoholic drinks and skin and beauty lotions, for feeding race horses to increase their stamina, as an ingredient in cigarette and chewing tobacco to improve their flavor and texture.

9. It is said to induce rooting in cuttings.

Uses of Bee’s Wax:

It is used in the manufacture of cosmetics like beauty lotions and creams, lipsticks, ointments, polishes for boots, floor and furniture, of lubricants, paints, varnishes ink, electrical insulating apparatus and candles.

Uses of Honey Bees:

The honeybees are useful in aiding in pollination of many cross-pollinated crops. Certain crops like apples, alfalfa and clover almost entirely depend upon bees for pollination. Even among song regularly self pollinated crops, the yield is considerably increased after the visit of bees.

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