Use of Electronic Media in Argil Journalism


Use of Electronic Media in Argil Journalism

Mass media sources like radio, television and type recorders are owned by large numbers of farmers, radio and television enjoy high level of credibility and farmers prider to seek information through radio and television, than other mass media. The electronic media is going to play more important role in dissemination of information. Thus there is a need to give more emphasis on electronic media in future.

Apart from radio and television, audio and video cassettes, satellite communication, interactive Visio disc and computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) and Internet have transformed the field of mass communication. The use of electronic media in journalism has made. The world smaller through instant access to reality. It can effectively fulfill the criteria of five W’s and one ‘H’ of journalism. Television provides viewers with realistic experience, which capture their attention and motivate them in proper direction.

Radio and television can easily break the literacy barrier. They are more accessible to rural population as compared to print media. Success stores, demonstration, question- answers, features. On improved from technique and latest information from research laboratories can easily made available to farmers. The market news, weather forecasting, information about GOVT. schemes etc is made available to farmers through electronic media. The advent of privet channels on television has opened the nesters of journalism through electronic media and ides of farm rural journalism through media is spreading fast.

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