Types of Garden based on Lay-out


Types of Garden based on Lay-out

The gardens are laid out in different types:

I) Formal Garden:

This type of garden is laid out in a symmetrical pattern. Every thing in this type of garden is laid in straight lines. These types of gardens are either square or rectangular in shape.

If you divide the garden by drawing a straight line, one part is the mirror image of the other i.e. the planting on one side is the replica of the other side.

The flower beds are also of geometric schapes. The arrangements of trees and shrubs are always geometrical and are kept in shape by trimmining and training.

II) Informal Garden:

In this style, the object is to plant trees in a natural way without following any hard and fast rules. Roads and paths are not atraight but are curved. Irrgular shape is given to water bodies. Flower beds are made of irregular shape to conform with the surroundings. Plants are grown in natural form. Japanese gardens are of this style.

III) Free Style:

This is combination of good points of Formal and Informal Garden styles. The example of this type of garden is the Rose Garden at Ludhiana in Punjab.

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