Types of Biological Control


Types of Biological Control

Biological control involves regulation of organism’s population density at any given level by natural enemies. If Biological control factors are responsible for population regulation of an organism below density which would be adverse to man’s interest, then it is a case of successful biological control in economic sense.

1. Partial Biological Control:

If control is achieved at somewhat higher average population densities than it is economically satisfactory, this is sometimes alluded to as partial Biological control.

2. Substantial Biological Control:

If Biological control can be substantially successful economically for a period of time, the only partially so far a subsequent period. Here a degree of Biological control is evaluated on economic yard stick.

3. Complete Biological Control:

If Biological agent is successful economically for a very long period of time. So far as such success has not yet been achieved. For example, Rodolia cardinalis on cottony cushion scale in citrus Epiricania melanoleuca on pyrilla in sugarcane. Outstanding economic feature of successful biological control is that once achieved, it is essentially permanent. Also, it does agree with man’s purposeful activity.

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