Type of Sprinkler Systems


Type of Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are of the two major types, on the basis of the arrangement for spraying irrigation water.

1. Rotating head system
2. Perforated pipe system

Based on portability, sprinkler system are classified into 5 types.

3. Portable system
4. Semi- portable system
5. Semi-permanent system 
6. Solid set system
7. Permanent system

1. Portable System:

A portable system has portable main lines, sub-mains, laterals and a portable pumping unit (plant). It is designed to be moved from field to field or to different pumping sites in the same field. The movement of system may be manual or by mechanical power. Comparatively, the initial investment on the type of sprinkler system is not high but the labour cost is more.

2. Semi –portable System:

It is similar to the fully portable system, except that the location of the water source and pumping plant are fixed. Such system may be used on more than one field where these is an extended mainline, but may not be used on more than one farm unless are additional pumping plants.

3. Semi-permanent System:

It has portable laterals, permanent mainline and Submain and a stationary water source and pumping plant. The main line and Submain are usually buried.

4. Solid Set System:

A solid set system has enough laterals to eliminate their movement. The laterals are positioned in the field early in the crop season and remain for season. This system is used for crops requiring short and frequently irrigation.

5. Permanent System:

A fully permanent system consists of permanently laid main line, Submain and lateral and stationary water source and pumping plant. Main line, sub-main and lateral are usually buried below plough depth. Sprinklers are permanently located on each riser. Such systems are costly and are suited to the automation of the system with moisture sensing devices sprinkler installation in orchards are usually permanent types

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