Tree Afforestation Program or Practices


Tree Afforestation Program or Practices

1) Vanmahotsava:

Tree planting festival (Arbor Day), Vanmahotsava was process of land transformation to create forest. It was inaugurated in July 1950 as a first step towards making the people forest conscious and thus enlisting their willingness in protecting the forest. Tree planting outside the forest with the involvement of people achieved the great momentum in few states and implementing the programme with the traditional tools, traditional institutions and traditional attitude. Seedlings of subabhul, Karanj, Neem, Shishum, Teak, Bamboo on large scale planting and fruit plants on home scale.

2) Tree for Every Child:
Government of India declared to treat the year9 181 as the year of tree for every child. Accordingly the tree-planting programme was implemented involving school and other children as they help develop love for tree in the younger generation which in long run is bound to help in better conservation and maintenance of our flora and fauna. The scheme tree for every child involving school child in massive tree planting programme so as to in calculation them love for tree e.g. Mango, Lemon, Guava, Targets fixed per district is 10,000 school/boys.

3) Planting Fruit Trees on Lands of Tribe and S.C:

This scheme is being implemented to help ameliorate the economic status of the rural poor population. It envisages supply of planting stock free of cost e.g. Lemon, Mango, Guava, Jack-fruit, Pomegranates etc.

4) Planting on Canal banks through Landless Labourers:

These schemes aim at bringing otherwise unproductive land under productive use and providing gainful employment to rural people from economically weaker sections e.g. 8 beneficiaries per district tackle 9 ha In the farm of strips along canals e.g. Mango, Neem, Tamarind, Banyan, Peepal, Flame of forest, Erythrina.

5) Establishment of Central Forest Nursery:

Central Nursery of about 6 ha in area is being established in each district about 5 lakh seedlings are to be raised annually and will also popularize social forestry activities by demonstration plots.

6) Social Forestry School / Community Nurseries:
These are proposed to establish for involving school children and weaker communities for raising plants.

7) Other Tree Afforestation Programme / Practices:

a) Baltaru / Vriksha – Dindi / Vriksha Ganga:

It is a celebration to transport and plant saplings (Baltaru) or grafts (Vriksha) in a ritual way by the students for developing love for trees. Shri. Baba Amte of Anandwan is originator of such social celebrations. The National Student Service (NSS), various social groups, students unions take part in this.

b) Tree Gifts at Marriage and Birthdays:

It is a very novel and loving idea to provide a gift of sapling to newly married couple or in the eve of birthday to those having own land / house.

c) Planting Tree in the Memory of Deceased (Smriti-Vriksha):

In order to keep memory of beloved but departed relatives, we can plant trees.

d) Chipko Movement:

Means to cling or embrace movement was organized by Sarvodaya leader Shri Chandiprasad Bhatt and his co-workers from Gadwal track Chamoli district of U.P. (Uttarancal) had started agitation in 1970 against tree cutting by forest contractors. Hundreds of advises of the valley used to tightly embarrass (Chipko) trees and will not allow contractors to cut it. This has resulted in a wide campaign having ruthless cutting of trees. Megasesse world prize was awarded to Shri Chandiprasad Bhatt for his work done in environment purity and afforestation.

e) Kitchen Garden Packets and Seedling:

In many Government and University Departments fruit seedlings and vegetables seed packets are provided on subsidized nominal prizes to villages and utilize to create interest in planting in kitchen garden.

f) Planting of Trees at the Hands of Honorable Guests:

It is also practices to have tree planting ceremony done at the hands of honorable leaders, guests foreign visitors, eminent educationalist, freedom fighters in the area of Z. P. / P. S. / College / School / Offices etc.

g) Tree Planting Oath:

Some persons take oath to plant certain numbers of plants in stipulated time. Shri. Laxmanrao Kadam cultivators of Gogwe (Tq. Javli, Dist. Satara) from Javli Valley of Mahabaleshwar rages had taken oath of planting 1 lakh trees of fruit and forest species under a tree planting committee activity of the village, trees out weights the loss due to shade. To avoid shade effect lopping and branches can be done.

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