Training and Visit System


Training and Visit System

Introduction of Training and Visit System:

This Training and Visit system was developed by World Bank Expert Daniel Benor. Initially (13) Major states in India adopted Training and Visit system but later on most of the states are practicing this system since 1984 onwards.

The Training and Visit system has a simple organization and infra structure with defined objectives. It is based on regular visit to the farmers and periodical trainings to the extension workers. It has wide popularity because it provides problems oriented guidance, flexible management and continuous feed back from the farmers.

Meaning and Concept of Training and Visit System:

The Training and Visit system in Agricultural Extension Education is designed for building a lined professional extension service that is capable of guiding the farmers in agricultural production and raising their income by providing appropriate plans for country development.

The extension workers working at various levels are updated with latest technology feasible and viable to the needy farmers by arranging frequent training programmes. Similarly, they have scheduled programme of the visits to the contact farmers for advising and directing to follow appropriate technology and solving the vary problems faced by the farmer on his field. These are the basic requirement of the Training and Visit system.

At the beginning Training and Visit system was introduced in Satara, Solapur and Jalgaon Districts in April, 1981 in Maharashtra (western Region).

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