Techniques of Preservation of Weeds


Techniques of Preservation of Weeds

The weeds with height about 15 to 20 cm or those with fruits are uprooted carefully along with roots. They are kept soon on blotting paper by keeping the leaves, roots and flowers in proper position and covered by another blotting paper. The paper is kept on a smooth surface and sufficient weight is kept on the upper blotting paper so that the weeds inside get pressed.

All the moisture is absorbed by these two blotting papers from the weed sample over night. Next day the weight is removed and the weeds are transferred to another dry blotting paper, by changing the position of the sample exactly reverse and are covered with dry blotting paper. Again sufficient weight is kept to press the sample.

In this way the paper is changed 2 to 3 times by changing the position, of weed every time to absorb moisture from all parts of weeds. Thus when the weeds dry completely, they are ready for preservation.

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