Target Yield Fertilizer Recommendations


Target Yield Fertilizer Recommendations

Since, 1968, soil test crop response project, at MPKV, Rahuri has been working on targeted yield approach. Now, it is possible to make ‘target yield’ fertilizer recommendations. These recommendations indicate the amount of nutrients from soil an fertilizer required for specified yields. The recommendations a based on research work conducted at Rahuri. The approach targeting yield on the basis of soil test insures balanced fertilization to crops in addition, provides estimate of yield a farmer can hope to achieve with proper crop management.

The fertilizer requirement for any crop is the total amount of nutrients needed by the crop minus the amount that soil can supplied.

This is calculated by the equation as given below:

Yield Targeting Equation:

F Nutrient = NR/ CF 100 X T – C.S / C.F X S Nutrients

F nutrient = Fertilizer nutrient to be applied ( kg/ha)            
T = Targeted yield ( q/ha) 
S Nutrient = Soil available nutrient ( kg/ha)
NR= Nutrient requirement ( kg/q of grain production)
CF= Contribution from fertilizer ( %)

Yield Target Equation for Different Crops:


FN = 4.04 T- 0.22 SN
FP2O5 = 2.72 T-8.26 SP
FK2O= 3.80 – 0.17 SK


FN = 7.54 T- 0.74 SN
FP2O5= 1.90 T-2.88 SP
FK2O = 4.49 T-0.22 SK

Preseasonal Sugarcane:

FN= 5.40 T-1.08 SN
FP2O5 = 6.83 T-6.51
FK2O=1.90 T-0.15 SK


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