Systems of Sprinkle Irrigation


Systems of Sprinkle Irrigation

Systems of Sprinkle Irrigation

Based on Spraying Arrangement

Based on Portability


Fixed Head




Rotating Head


Semi Permeable


Perforated Pipes


Semi Portable


i) Dancing Water


Solid Structure


ii) Oscillating Arms



Portable system:

In sprinkle irrigation system in which main line, sub main line, lateral and the pumping units all are the portable generally the pipers are made up of light weight aluminum to facillate easy transportation such system can be shifted from place to another.

Semi-portable system:

This system is parallel to portable except that location of water source and pumping unit is fixed.


In this system the main and sub-main are fixed, usually buried under the ground where as the laterals are portables.

Solid straight system:

These have enough laterals present to eliminate their movement from one place to another. The system is fixed at the beginning of system of season and remains through out the season for short & frequent irrigation.

Permanent irrigation system:

The permanent system is suited to automation using soil moisture sensor and are generally preferred in orchard. The sub main, lateral are permanently buried below the ground level.

Based on spraying arrangement fixed head:

The fixed head type of sprinkler arrangement system sprays water in one direction.

Rotating head:

Rotating head removes slow rate to distribute water in a circular fusion. They may be single, double, multiple nozzle sprinkler head. Single nozzle sprinkles system are  referred for their low application rate however the double nozzle sprinkle head gives good uniformity of application at low pressure.

Multiple nozzle type of sprinkler also called as giant sprinkler are used to covered more area with single set. The operating pressure required for such sprinkler may be more than 10kg/cm2.

Perforated Pipes:

Such systems are preferred for application of water under lower operating pressure usually between 0.5 to 2.5 kg/cm2. The system is not recommended under heavy winds as the jets are distorted more easily.

Generally pipes are provided with holes, perforated along the upper 1/3rd perimeter in a proper designated to covered with between 6 to 15m such system are preferred on plains moderately high infiltration rate used for irrigation of lawns or vegetable crop where the plant height ranges between 40 to 60 cm.

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