Suggestion for improvement in Export of Vegetable


Suggestion for improvement in Export of Vegetable

There is need for such policy so that quality crops at competitive price are available regularly in market.

Following are Suggestion:

1. Long term and consistent export policy, Avoid frequent change in export policy.

2. Exclusive production of different vegetable for different season in suitable packets be arranged t have regular supply throughout the year at competitive price without affecting domestic supply.

3. Enough quality control control measures should be made.

4. Regular assessment for international market.

5. Suitable diversification for export both in term of countries and commodities for increasing quality and value.

6. Identity suitable pocket for growing different vegetables.

7. Develop agro technique and fro integrated nutrient, P and D management, organic farming etc.

8. Production and distribution of quality seed in adequate qualities be arranged.

9. Pre-cooling and cold storage facilities are increased.

10. Ventilated and temperature controlled, storage and transport facilities are necessary.

11. Packing material.

12. Export promotion programme be carried out in other countries to prove superiority of taste, flavor of Indian Produce.

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