State Watershed Programme Implementation and Review Committee


State Watershed Programme Implementation and Review Committee

This is an apex organization at a state level under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary/Addl. Chief Secretary/APC.  Representatives of prominent NGOs, SIRDS, and Heads of Department of related Departments are also member of the Committee.  The Committee undertakes monitoring, review and evaluation of Watershed Development projects. It is an important link between DRDAS and Department of Wastelands Development. Success of programme depends on functioning of State Watershed Programme Implementation and Review Committee.

I. District Rural Development Agency/ZP:

DRDA/ZP is a key institution in the programme execution.  The project is sanctioned in favour of the DRDA and funds are released to it directly from Government of India.  The DRDA is responsible for successful implementation of the project as per guidelines and submission of various reports and returns to DOWD as well as State Government.

II. Project Implementing Agency:

The PIA is an organization having sufficient exposure and experience in the field of community organization as well as watershed development activities.  These organizations can be reputed NGOs having proven credibility or technical officers like DFO Soil Conservation Officer, Horticulture Officer, etc. The PIA is an important link between the villagers and the DRDA.  It imparts technical know ho to the villagers with the help of Watershed Development Team and ensure that programme is executed as per Guidelines and funds are spec judiciously.  It compiles information from Watershed Committees and set to DRDA.

III. Watershed Development Team:

The Watershed Development Team is multi-disciplinary team responsible for technical and financial supervision of the project activities.  The team consists of field level officials draw form various disciplines like forestry, soil conservation, horticulture, soc science etc.  These officials are key functionaries in sensation of Self help Groups/User Groups and villagers at large.

IV. Watershed Development Association:

Watershed Development Association (WA)    consists of all members of the village whose land situated in the watershed area called user group (UG) and all those member who drive sustenance form the watershed area called self help group (SHG).

V. Watershed Committee:

Watershed Committee (WC) is the key institution at Watershed level consisting of about 2-3 representatives, each of USHG, panchayat and women etc. Committee also appoints a Watershed Secretary preferably a local man graduate form the same area.

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