Stages of Seed Multiplication


Stages of Seed Multiplication

The benefits of an improved variety are not released unless enough true seed has been produced for its commercial spread. The initial amount of pure seed which is limited in quantity is multiplied under various stages or classes or seed these are:

a. Nucleus seed b. Breeders seed c. Foundation seed
d. registered seed e. certified seed 

Nucleus seed:

It is the initial amount of pure seed of an improved variety available with plant breeder who has involved it. The nucleus seed is sent per sent pure genetically as well as physically and is very limited in quantity.

Breeder’s seed:

It is the seed obtained from the progeny of nucleus seed. It is directly supervised by a breeder concern with the crop. Its genetically and physical purity to be 100 per cent.

Foundation seed:

It is seed obtained from nucleus or breeder’s seed. It is produced on seed multiplication farm of a state govt. or grill. Universities. Foundation seed plots are jointly inspected by the SCA (seed certification agency), it is not as pure as the nucleus and breeder’s seeds are. The bags are sealed with white colored label.

Registered seed:

It is raised from nucleus, breeders or foundations seeds. Registered seed growers are selected from progressive farmers. The maintenance of purity from time to time. The purity is maintained through field inspections by seed certifying agencies and seed tests.
The bags are sealed with purple colored label.

Certified seed:

It is progeny of registered or foundation seed. When the amount of seed registered seed id supposed to be inadequate to meet farmers agency. The bags are scaled with purple colored label.


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