Stages of Community Development


Stages of Community Development

There are three stages that community development processes go through:

Stage One: Relationship Building:

Building relationships of trust and developing friendships are crucial to successful community development.  Getting to know the people in your own group and the groups with which you are working is the first stage in the process of creating a sustainable working relationship.  Take time to get to know the people in your Friendship group.

Stage Two: Process Development:

Once good relationships have been developed, groups can begin to plan activities.  This will involve sharing ideas, dreams, aspirations and visions, and learning about the community in which you are working.  What are their strengths?  What are their needs?  What are their aspirations?

Stage Three: The Consolidation of Structures and Mechanisms:

At this stage commissions, committees and task forces or interest groups are formed to plan and implement the activities and programs that have been collectively decided upon.  These structures are also responsible for keeping the information flowing between the groups and out into the wider community, and often carry out the monitoring and evaluation processes that keep the programs and activities vibrant and sustainable.

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