Some of the Common Succulents


Some of the Common Succulents

1. Aqave sisalana ( Ketki) Mainly grown for extracting fibere.

2. Aloeaculata – leaves fleshy, broad, lance late, bluish in color, flowers lemon yellow.

3. Aptenia cordifolia – Stems are covered with glistening papillae. Leaves heart shaped, flowers small purplish red. Useful for hanging baskets, rockery.

4. Brophyllum (Kalanchoes ) – Leaves are fleshy, flowers are reddish. Planters develop at the tips of the loaves.

5. Cotyledon barbege – Large fleshy shovel like leaves whitish green in colour.

6. Euphorbia splendens (Crown of thorns) – A shrub with spreading branches. Plant is full of grey spines and dark green leaves. Flowers round the year in terminal, clusters.

7. Lithops (Flowering stones) – Plants grow singly or in clumps. Plant bodies consist of single pair of brownish grey leaves. Flowers are white or yellow in color.

8. Nolia recurvata – Small tree with swollen trunk at the base and tapering upwards. Leaves are long narrow.

9. Portulaca – A shrub very common for hanging baskets.

10. Sanseveria marginata – Leaves thick green having yellow strip on margin.

11. Sanseveria cylindrical – Leaves round arching, rigid measuring 120-150 cm.

12. Sedum compactum – Low growing with obovate to obtuse leaves.

13. Yucca glorisa (Spanish dagger) – Not a succulent but is xerophytic plant. Grows about 240 cm in height. Stom thick short, topped by dense rosette of sword shaped leaves.

14. Tradescantia navicularis (Chain plant) – The overlapping fleshy leaves are arranged in two rows. Suitable for indoor cultivation.

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