Silvipastoral Systems (Tree+ pasture/animal)


Silvipastoral Systems (Tree+ pasture/animal)

The production of woody plants combined with pasture is referred to as Silvipastoral system. The trees and shrubs used primarily to produce fodder for live stock. This system is needed in dry area to meet the fodder demand throughout the year. In this system forest tree species for fodder purpose like Anjan, Subabhul, babhul, Hadag, Shevari, Tamrind, Bakan, Neem, Vilayti Chinch etc. are taken at 10-12 m distance in rows in between the lines the grasses like Burseem, Luscrn, Hameto, Stylo etc. are taken as intercrops. This system is suitable for providing the fodder for milch cattle and thus for development of dairy industry.

There are Three Types of this System:

a) Protein Bank:

Protein rich multipurpose trees are raised on and around farm lands like Subabhul Anjan Delbergia sissoo, Zizyphus species, Acacia species, Prosopis juliflora, Bomabx mulbericum, Sesbenia spp. etc. are planted.

b) Live Fences:

Fodder trees are raised in the form of hedges or fences e.g. Sisbania gandiflora (Hadga), Sisbania egyptica, Prosopis juliflora, 1 ricidia maculata, Carissa carandas, Bambusa species and Erythrina Indica.

c) Trees and Shrub on Pasture:

 Fodder, trees and shrub are raised scattered the pasture land e.g. Emblica, Tanirindus, Ficus, Bakan, Anjan, Khejadi.

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