Selection of Site for Nursery and Fencing of Nursery Site


Selection of Site for Nursery and Fencing of Nursery Site

Selection of Site for Nursery:

1. It should be situated centrally as close to the area to be planted as possible. Preferably it should be near ranger of forester’s quarters for closer and regular supervision.
2. There should be good source of irrigation, preferably well-right, inside the nursery area.
 3. Site should be such that the labour will be easily available to do all types of works as and when required in the nursery.
4. The soil should be well drained, sandy loom; clay soil should not be selected since its aeration and drainage are poor and they are liable to crack- during summer due to heat.
5. It should be made in a newly cleared forest land- with partial shade but that should be thick shade in hot, dry localities. Some shade from the southern side is however, usually beneficial.
6. It should never be in a natural tank. It should be in the hills having a gentle slope not exceeding 5%. If the slope is more, cost of terracing increases.
7. In the western Himalayas Northern aspect is preferred but towards higher limit of the altitude zone of species southern aspect may be preferred.
8. Altitudinal zone of the species should be also be kept in view while selecting site for nursery in hills.
9. The site should be free from the serious problems of insects, fungi, bacteria and weeds etc.

After the selection of area for nursery, efforts should be made to fence it.

Fencing Consist of Mainly Four Types:

1. Fencing by barbed wire.
2. Fencing with Trench digging.
3. Fencing with stones.
4. Fencing by all the above three types combined.

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