Seed Certification Procedure


Seed Certification Procedure

Good quality seeds refer to seeds having optimum genetic and physical purity , high germination procedure percentage and seed with optimum moisture content. It also includes seeds free from noxious weed seed and other crop seeds and free from seed borne diseases. To meet these criteria there is a need of certification.

Seed Certification:

Seed certification is a legally sectioned system for quality control of seed during seed multiplication and production. Seed certification is a scientific and systematically designed process to secure, maintain, multiply and make available seeds of notified and released varieties to the farmers.

Object of Seed Certification:

1) To ensure genetical identity of a variety.
2) To ensure high degree of physical purity.
3) To ensure high degree of germinability.
4) To ensure freedom from all designation seed borne disease, weeds and other crop seeds.

According to statutory rules and regulation of seed act (1966), autonomous government organization such as state seed certification Agency is established. Procedures for registration, field inspection, seed processing, release sampling, seed testing , issue of seed certification tags and seals and release of seed lots are established.

Phases of Seed Certification:

1) Receipt and security of application with notarized agreement for registration of seed plot for certification.
2) Verification of seed source, class used for raising the crop by checking certification tags, lablels, seed containers , cash memo or bills.
3) Field inspections of the seed plot to verify conformity to prescribed field standards.
4) Post harvest supervision of seed crop including sealing raw seed , issue T.C . supervision during seed processing at registered seed processing plant.
5) Seed sampling and sending sample to STI for analysis to verify conformity to prescribed seed standards as well as genetic purity( field test).
6) Grant of certification, tagging and sealing of the containers – Release of seed lot for seed multiplication or marketing for commercial.

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