Rural Religion


Rural Religion

Religion exists in every society in some form or other. Religion plays very important part in the life of the people on the whole in India. India is basically country of religious. Every aspect of life is governed by the religion. Rural society or the village people are more favorable inclined towards religion. Religion is very old institution. It is not clear as how and when it originated. Origin or religion is essentially out of mans ignorance to find out the causes of many natural phenomenon which occurring in the universe. There are so many things in Universe. Which the present science is unable to explain and when reasons fails faiths continues beliefs continues, and all these beliefs continues, and all these beliefs of supernatural power, rites, ceremonies all these combined together brought religion in to existence. But it is clear that after its origin it greatly influenced the course of our social action and behavior.


“Religion is a set of beliefs regarding the relationship of a man to the supernatural power called God”. Green says, “Religion is a system of belief and symbolic practices and objects governed by faith rather than by knowledge, which relates to man to unseen supernatural realm beyond the known and beyond the controllable.”

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