Roses for Exhibition


Roses for Exhibition

When the flowers are grown for the exhibition, it is not important to produce best bloom but also to produce them by the date of exhibition.

Best flowers are produced by adopting, good-methods of cultivation pest and diseases prevention, limiting the number of flowering. The competitions are arranged for (a) Decorative class and (b) Speciman class

a) In Decorative Class :

Roses are judged on the basis of overall effect of the blooms together with leaves and stems in a bowel or vase. Artistry and peak conditions are much more important than flowers which are above average in size.

b) In Speciman Class :

Roses are mainly judged as an individual bloom and here importance is given to size, shape, colour and appearance of bloom.

While participating in rose exhibition following points should be considered
1. Only selected varieties should be choosen for exhibition purpose.
2. More than one plant of each variety may be grown.   For Floribunda and miniature grow only cluster flowering varieties.
3. Pruning should be adjusted between 35 to 60.days before the exhibition.
4. Supplementary nutrition should be provided through foliar spray just after pruning besides recommended doses.
5. Keep a few number of branches for getting good quality flowers.
6. Protect the plants from pest and diseases.
7. Disbudding is done in Hy.Teas.
8.Rose should be cut preferably on the previous evening or night of the show and immediately dip the stem in a bucket full of water.
9. Proper labeling of the individual bloom with correct varietal name should be checked.

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