Role of Insects Leg


Role of Insects Leg

Middle Leg:

Pollen brush: Stiff hairs on basitarsus useful to collect pollen from middle part of their body.

Tibial spur: At the distal end of the tibia a movable spur is present which is useful to loosen the petals of pollen from the pollen basket of hind legs and to clean wings and spiracles.

1. Hind Leg:

a. Pollen basket: The outer surface of the hind tibia is concave. The edges of the depressed area are fringed with long hairs. Pollen basket used to carry larger load of pollen and propolis.

b. Pollen packer (Pollen press): Pectin is a row of stout bristles at the distal end of tibia. Auricle is a small plate fringed with hairs at the end of basitarsus. Pollen packer is useful to load pollen in pollen basket.

c. Pollen comp: Stiff spines present on the inner side of hind basitarsus. It is used to collect pollen from middle legs and from posterior part of body.

2. Prolegs: Prolegs  or false legs or pseudo legs: e.g. abdominal legs of caterpillar. Prolegs are thick, fleshy and non-segmented. The tip of proleg is called planta upon which crochets (hooks or claws) are present. It helps to cling to surface.

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