Regeneration of Forest


Regeneration of Forest

The renewal of a forest by some means (e.g. natural or artificial) is known as regenerations. The regeneration has been defined in a number of ways by several workers.

1) "The renewal of a forest crops by natural or artificial means; also the new crop so obtained".

2) Regeneration as, "The renewal by self-sown seed or by vegetative means." It is of two types viz., Natural regeneration and Artificial regeneration.

Methods of Regeneration:

There are following methods of regeneration of forest:
A) Natural Regeneration,
B) Artificial regeneration and
C) Natural regeneration supplemented by Planting.

However, first two methods are most important in regeneration of forests.

A) Natural Regeneration:

The renewal of a forest crop, by self-sown seed, or by coppice or root-suckers, also the crop so obtained or also it can be defined as Reforestation of a stand by natural seeding.

B) Artificial Regeneration:
It is defined as the renewal of a forest crop by sowing, planting, or other artificial methods; also the crop so obtained or the renewal of a tree crop by direct seeding, or planting.

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