Quality Control Measures (as per ISI Specifications)


Quality Control Measures (as per ISI Specifications)

  1. Since, Biofertilizers contains live cells, care should be taken during their transportation and storage.

  2. They should be kept in a cold place and not exposed to sunlight.

  3. Biofertilizers for legumes are crop-specific; therefore, they must be used for the crop for which they are meant.

  4. Biofertilizers when used under adverse soil conditions, appropriate remedial measures (liming and use of Gypsum) should be followed.

  5. Biofertilizers must be carrier-based

  6. Carrier material used should be in form of powder (75-106 micron size.

  7. It should contain minimum of 10^8 viable cells of microorganisms /gram of the carrier material on dry weight basis.

  8. It should have a minimum period of six months expiry from date of its

  9. It should be tree from any contaminant /contamination with other microorganisms.

  10. PH should be in the range of 6.0-7.5.

  11. It should induce desired beneficial effects on all those crops, species /cultivars listed on the packet before the expiry date.

  12. It should be packed in 50-75 micron low density polythene packets


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