Properties and Function of Herbicide –MCPA, Malic Hydrazide


Properties and Function of Herbicide –MCPA, Malic Hydrazide

MCPA: (2 methyl, 4 chlorophcnoxy acetic acid):

It is a selective translocated.

Dose:   250 gm to 2 kg/ha.

It is absorbed and translocated by plants.  It is crystalline, white and less soluble in water.  Registered for crops like barley, oat, rice, wheat, corn flax, sorghum etc.

Controls Xanthium strumarium and Convolvulus arvensis.  Apply to young rapidly growing seedling.  It has a greater, selectivity and is non-volatile.  It is less injurious to crop than 2, 4-D.
Formulations   : Emulsifiable liquid and granular form.

Malic Hydrazide (MH40 and MH30):

It is growth inhibitor and a selective translocated herbicide.

Dose              : 3 to 6 kg/ha.

Application      : Pre or post emergence.

Absorbed through foliage. It is solid, crystalline, white and non-volatile used in controlling annual weeds.  Kills Cascuta and other weeds.

Formulation: Emulsifiable liquid and wettable power.

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