Procedure for Developing Television Programme


Procedure for Developing Television Programme

1. Selection of subject: The subject and matter selected for telecast should be on the felt needs of the audience and it should be timely. The subject should be location specific and within the resources of the people.

2. Collect the detail information of the subject by referring books and by discussing with experts farmers.

3. Determine the main points to be covered, concentrate on few important aspects of the subject. Never try to give maximum technical information by covering many points.

4. Divide the programme into important steps. It is better to list out the steps in logical consult the resources persons for checking accuracy of the information.

5. Decide the audience to whom the program is telecasted.

6. Choose the formats or method of presentations i.e. demonstration interview, dramatic presentation locals, forum. Etc.

7. Decide the visuals i.e. sample model, chart, and graph act to bus in the programme. Fix the time required place and method of presenting visual.

8. Prepare the put line of the programmed. Divide the sheet in columns. Writer the things, which are to be shown on, left while in the right hand column put the thing that are to be talked. Title the left column video and right column ‘Audio ‘. The thing t be shown and thing to be said should be written opposite to each other on the page. Make the beginning attractive and interesting.

9. If possible give supporting information e.g. information of a variety give the experience of the farmer with actual photography of the crops At. The extreme left of the page indicate time required in minutes and seconds for each step and also showing visual.

10. Prepare the script by discussing with producer, experts and time available.

11. Think on the audience profile i.e. These who never see.

The programme, feel that not necessary to see the programme, known the information, for some time see the programme and the stop, see the programmed but do of think on it and see the programme carefully. Concentrate on those who see the programme but do not think on it and see the programme for time and then stop.


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