Procedure for Bonsai Preparation


Procedure for Bonsai Preparation

The first thing is to collect the suitable type of plant. A plant for Bonsai may be raised by seeds, seedlings cuttings, layering or plants collected from the wild. Plants raised from seeds or seedling will take sometime to train as Bonsai.

Containers and Soil:

While selecting a container it must be kept in mind the meaning of Bonsai. Although the choice of a container depends to a certain extent on the personal choice of the grower. The shapes of container must the shallow. The shape may be round, oval or rectangular.

A good compost will be made up of 2 parts of good fibrous loam 1 -2 parts coarse river sand and 1 part leaf mould.

Potting and Repotting:

While potting or repotting, the normal precautions taken for other plants are followed. The drainage holes are covered with crocks and other drainage materials and the compost filled in. The compost should not he packed too hard as this impairs oration. A straight Bonsai is planted in the center of the pot, whereas a cascade type should be planted on one side- he side over which it hangs, a tree having more branched on one side should be planted a little away from the center.

Pruning and Pinching:

In establishing the Bonsai, training and pruning go together. A Bonsai is kept dwarf but by starving but by various methods or pruning viz. shoot pinching, leaf pinching and root pruning.

Pruning or pinching of shoots is an important operation in bonsai growing. This helps to maintain the shape of the plant and reduces total leaf area which in turn keeps the plant dwarf as it is the leaf where the food is manufactured the amount; the mode and the time of pinching depend upon growth habit, response to pinching, and rate of shoot growth of the specs. Pinching of the branches is also not done at the same length or direction, but at different lengths to give an artistic shape. If the growth is very vigorous, pinching may be resorted to more than once a year.

Watering and Manuring:

As Bonsai grows on shallow containers, watering is an important aspect. In places having severe winter, watering once a week during that period may be sufficient.

Since there is limited soil in a Bonsai container manuring is absolutely needed for proper vegetative growth and to encourage flowering or fruiting.

Pests and Diseases:

A Bonsai grower should look out for disease and posts and arrange for spraying of insecticide and pesticide pt regular intervals.

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