Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Fermentation


Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Fermentation

Microorganisms and enzymes are used for the decomposition of carbohydrates and the process is termed as “Fermentation”

a) Alcoholic Fermentation:

The keeping quality of alcoholic beverage directly depends upon the alcohol present. Yeasts play an important role in this type of fermentation.

C6H12O6 + Yeast ——-à 2C2H5OH + CO2
  (Dextrose)                                        (Alcohol)

b) Acetic Fermentation:

This type of fermentation follows alcoholic fermentation and is completed by vinegar bacteria and Acetic Acid is produced which acts as a preservatives for various products such as pickles, sauce, etc.

C2H5OH + O2    ———-à CH3COOH    + H2O
(Alcohol)  (Oxygen)                         (Acetic Acid)

c) Lactic Fermentation:

In this process dextrose sugars are decomposed into lactic acid and preserve the pickles after fermentation.

C6H12O6      ————–à   2C3H6O3
(Dextrose)                                          (Lactic Acid)

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