Preparing of Television Program


Preparing of Television Program

Television has become a good medium to cover the message to the farmers. It has several advantages over others mass media by providing words with picture and sound effect. The effectiveness of television programmers can be increased by changing the place and time with the help of camera and giving sound effect to it. It reaches large number of people at short test possible time. The people learn through eye and ear remember thing better.

The TV Programme can be Prepared in Various Formats:

1. Interview of subject expert.

2. Discussion with subject expert.

3. Documentations.

4. Dramatized formats.

5. Musical formats e.g. Powada, Bharud and other folk from.

6. Features which include both dramatized, documentation and experts.

Out of these formats, most popular formats is the interview of subject expert and discussion, but these formats are used occasionally as they are more expensive, time consuming and tedious however these formats entertainment value and are poplar. But argil, programmers are informative in nature their success depends on the preparation by expert and his performance.



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