Preparing Animals for Shows and Exhibition


Preparing Animals for Shows and Exhibition

1. Purpose:

a. To exhibit the best type of animal and win the cattle show
b. The individual breeder can exchange ideas & experience in shows.
c. Shows give opportunity for comparison among superior type of animals within and between breeds.
c. It helps new breeders to make contacts with established breeders.
d. Helps in discovering and popularizing better genetic make-up in the various breeds.
e. Increases pride and involvement of the farmers.
f. Helps in uplift of dairy industry.

2. Needed:

i) Best type and true to breed ii) Body brush/comb iii) Soap iv) Rope & rope halter v) Hair clipper/scissors vi) Bucket vii) Warm water viii) Coconut oil ix) Hoot rasp x) Duster/ sand paper.

3. Procedure

  1. Selection of winning type animal: Select animal of best-type possessing true breed characteristic i.e., dairy conformation, good temperament, proper growth & development, at least before two month of show.

  2. Early preparation of show Animal:

Cows: Breed the cow on such date it will calve approximately 3-4 days they are exhibited.

Young animals of different age groups i.e., upto 6 months, 6 months to 1 year, above 1 year are exhibited on show. In respective age range select best heifer approaching upper age limit for larger size and exhibiting dairy type.

Give extra concentrate (Consisting of wheat bran, groundnut/barley and linseed meal) 1 to 1.5 kg per day depending upon condition of the animal. Linseed meal/cake @ 250 gm per day may be fed being improves the condition of coat Feed roughages like legume hay adlib.

Attending horns
: If breed posses horns, those should be rasped to make them symmetrical & smooth.

Trimming hooves:
Hoof should be carefully trimmed and properly shaped for improving appearance and gait.

Improving condition of cow:

i. Clipping:
Head, neck and tail hairs may be clipped; also airs on bell udder should be clipped for distinct appearance.
ii. Brushing: Groom the animal with the help of brush both morning and evening which makes hair coat glossy.
iii. Washing: Wash animal daily with mild soap to keep clean dry body with dusters, tie the animal in the sun for about an hour after washing.
iv. Blanketing: With a piece of coarse cloth or blanket and rub vigorously, on the body to give brighter look to coat
v. Bedding: Spread sufficient clean absorbent bedding in the stall of animal.

Training: Make animal accustomed to the use of halter and leading rope so that it will be easily led in show and animal will stand in correct position to display for judging.

Final preparation on the day of show:

i. Wash animal body & dry it with towel, Rub sopex warm water solution over body with duster, allow it to dry & brush the coat vigorously to give good luster.
ii. Rub the sandpaper over harms & hoofs, apply little coconut oil on horns, hoofs and tail, comb the switch to give clean and fluffy look.
iii. Milking cow should be milked several hours before judging to show better capacity & balanced quarters.
iv. Keep halters and ropes well cleaned and polished.
v. Animal is given some salt but denied water and offer fresh water before show, such animal will show greater capacity.
vi. Put on clean and tidy dress before entering the show ring.
vii. Be attentive, keep animal calm & at ease.
viii. Display animal in show ring with a pose to display all its best points

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