Preparation of Parchment Coffee/Washed Coffee and Cherry


Preparation of Parchment Coffee/Washed Coffee and Cherry

Preparation of Parchment Coffee/Washed Coffee:

1) Pulping:

After harvesting the desired type of fruits they should be pulped (removal of outer skin) on the same day so as to avoid fermentation commencing before pulping. As all the fruits may not be of uniform size,, they could be stored into different size and pulped separately.

2) Demucilaging and Washing:

The mucilage on the parchment skin is. removed by (a) Natural fermentation, (b) Treatment with alkalu and (c) Frictional removal in machine like raoong OR Aquapulpa.

a) Natural Fermentation:

It is a critical stage in the processing. Fermentation should be wholly alchoholic and not acetic. The fermenting mass should not be allowed to dry up and may be turned over once or twice.  It may be kept covered the mucilage break down in the process of fermentation in case of Arabica it is complete in" about 36 to 48 hours, while in Robusta fermentation is not complete even after 72 hours.  The beans feel rough and gritty when squeezed by hands similar to squeezing pebbles. After mucilage break down is complete clean water is lot in and the parchment washed pabble clean 3-4 changes of water. Once used water . should never be allowed to come in contact with parchment in the process of washing.

b) Treatment with Alkali

The pulped beans are drained of excess water and spread out in the vats uniformly and furrowed with Gernumenes (wooden laddies.with long handle) 10% solution of caustic soda (sodium hydroxie) is evenly applied into furrows using a rose can. The parchment is agitated thoroughly by means of germanes. so as to make the alkali come into contact and trampled by feet for about half hour, When the parchment appears no longer slimy and makes a rattiig noise, clean water is let in and the pardchment wasted pabbles clean with 3 Or 4 changes of water. Time for removal of mucilage by this method is half hour in case of Arabicazmd. 1/2  to 1hour robusta.

c) Removal of Mucilage by Friction.

There are pulp as Ranong and Agupulps in which pulping and demucilse me beans is done at some time.

2. Under Water Soaking:

Where water facilities are abundance percipient may be soaked under water for about 12 hours cover night then given a final wash. This method seems to improve the quality both in the appearance and cup of particularly coffee that are usually substandard.

3) Drying:

Drinage off as much as possible excess water facilities and shortens dry in time. Sun drying may taken 7 to 10 days under bright weather conditions. Drying is done when sample record the some weight for 2 days consecutively.

The dried beans are stored in gunny bags.

4) Before roosting of beans the Peeling i.e. outer coat is removed.

5) Grading according to different size is done.

B) Preparation of Cherry:

Riped fruits after harvested should be spread evenly to a thickness of 8 em on clean drying ground or tiled or concrete floors. Coffee should be stirred and. ridged at least once every hour. About 12 to 15 days until bright weather conditions are required for complete drying. After drying cherry may be stored in gunny bag.

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