Preparation of Paneer


Preparation of Paneer


To acquaint with manufacturing technology of Paneer.

Relevant information:

Paneer refers to the indigenous variety of acid coagulated milk solids. Panner is extensively used as an ingredient with vegetables in Northern India. Analogous to Paneer is cottage cheese prepared by acid coagulation in Western Countries.


1. Use buffalo milk for Paneer.
2. Coagulant is added in milk at 70 0 C temperature.
3. The best quality product is made from milk of 6 per cent fat content.

Material required:

1. Buffalo milk,
2. Citric acid,
3. Muslin cloth,
4. Chilled brine solution.


1. Stainless steel karahi
2. Wooden rectangular hoop (18 x 5 cm) with top and bottom open
3. Pan balance


1. Take 4 kg fresh buffalo milk and standardize to 6 per cent fat.
2. Heat the milk to 82 0 C for 5 minutes.
3. Promptly cool it to 70 0 C.
4. Add coagulant (1 per cent citric acid solution) slowly, while it is continuously stirred till clear whey separates cut.
5. Allow the coagulant to settle down for 5 minutes.
6. Drain the whey through muslin cloth.
8. Do not allow to go down the temperature of the whey below 65 0 C during Straining.
9. Collect coagulum and fill in hoop lined with strong and clean muslin cloth.
10. Fit up wooden planks on both openings of hoop.
11. Apply pressure of about 2 kg/sq. cm or 45 kg on the top of the hoop for 15 to 20 minutes.
12. Remove pressed Paneer from hoop cut into 6 to 8 pieces.
13. Immerse the pieces of Paneer in chilled brine water for 2 to 3 hours for hardening.
Remove chilled Paneer and palace on a wooden plank for to 10-15 minutes, and allow to drain loose water. After words wipe the Paneer pieces and wrap in to parchment and store in refrigerator.

                                                            Wt. of milk – Wt. of Paneer
Percent recovery of Paneer = —————————————————  x  100
                                                            Wt. of milk

Judging quality:

1. Body (Rubbery, firm, loose, compact).
2. Texture (Free from internal cracks or loose, close, compact, smooth, loose, alike to meet).
3. Appearance (Taste, salty/slight sour).
4. Flavour (Mild acidic/acidic).

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