Preparation of Fruit Syrup


Preparation of Fruit Syrup

Sharbat or Syrup:

This is a clear sugar syrup which has been artificially flavored. The concentration of sugar is high. Syrups is of two types:

1. Synthetic:
In this type no any fruit juice is present. Only flavour of a particular fruit is added.

2. Natural:

In this type, only colour or essence is added in fruit juice. The natural syrups are more nutritious than synthetic syrups.

Syrups of rose, sandal, almond, strawberry, pineapple, rasp berry, orange, mulberry, etc. are very popular as summer drinks.

Material for Preparation of Fruit Syrup:

Juice of natural material flavour, food colour, citric acid sugar, water, glass bottles.

Procedure of Preparation of Fruit Syrup:

1. Select fruits free from diseases and bruishes.

2. Wash the fruits thoroughly in cold water.

3. Extract the Juice.

4. Strain the juice.

5. For 1 kg of juice prepare 3 kg sugar syrup of 70 0 Brix by dissolving 2 kg sugar in 900 ml of water. strain it and 50 gm of citric acid.

6. Mix the juice to hot syrup.

7. Fill the product in previously sterilized bottles.

8. Keep the bottles in boiling water for half an hour and seal them when hot.

9. Allow the bottles to cool, label them and store in cool dry place.

Important Hints for Preparation of Fruit Syrup:

1. Final product should have minimum of 65 0 Brix and 25% of juice.

2. It can be synthetically prepared by adding artificial flavours.

3. Above procedure can be used for preparation of syrup of lemon fruit. There is no need of adding citric acid.

4. Syrups are consumed after dilution with sufficient quantity of water.

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