Preparation of Basundi


Preparation of Basundi


To prepare partially desiccated sweetened milk (Basundi) for direct consumption.
To evaluate its quality

Relevant information:

Milk based sweet meats such as Rabri, kheer, khurchan etc. are popular in Uttarpradesh, Punjab, Rajashthan, Bengal and Maharashtra to some extent. Basundi is another sweet meat largely produced in Maharashtra and Gujrat. It is an indigenous product analogue to condensed milk. It is commonly prepared in hotels and on festival occasions in households.

Material required:

Whole milk (preferably buffalo milk) 2 kg.
Powdered cane sugar 300-350 gms.
Pistanchie 10-15 gm.
Cardamom ———————- 1 gm
Borneol ——————————- 50 mg (Edible camphor)
Saffron ————————— 50 mg.


1. Wide round bottom pan (preferably khoa pan)
2. Khunti
3. Shegadi or chulah
4. Double seamed tin containers
5. Tin plate can sealing machine.


1. Take specified quantity of milk in a wide pan.
2. Boil it over a gentle fire.
3. Do not stir the milk too vigorously.
4. Allow to boil slowly to develop a thick skin on the surface.
5. Remove the developed skin periodically by means of a Khunti and set on the cooler sides at the top of the pan. Continue to remove the skin formed due to progressive boiling and collect it on the top sides of the pan.
6. Continue heating of milk to concentrate it to the consistency of the condensed milk (35 % concentrate)
7. Add powdered sugar into the milk and stir it to dissolve
8. At this stage scrap the collected semi dried skins from top of the pan mix into above concentrated milk.
9. Remove the pan from fire, allow it to cool and add flavouring material.
10. Mix cardamom powder as such.
11. Dissolve saffron and borneol in small quantity of water and then add it into contents.
12. Pack the product in double seamed tin containers and cover it.

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