Preparation Kulfi


Preparation Kulfi


To know the traditional method of Kulfi preparation and to judge its quality.

Relevant information:

It is indigenous form of ice-cream. It is composed of milk malai with sugar, fruit juice with sugar. It is popular frozen product in weaker section of the society.


1. The product is risky for consumption. It is not prepared hygienically.
2. Do not allow chilled salt-water inside the Kulfi cones.
3. Do not use substandard cones and other material.

Material required:

1. Milk
2. Sugar
3. Kulficone
4. Wheat flour (for sealing of cone)
5. Salt
6. Essence / vanilla / colour.


1. Earthen pot
2. Earthen dish
3. Colored duster cloth


1. Boil the milk
2. Sweeten the milk by adding sugar @ 15 per cent
3. Concentrate the product about 2:1 ratio
4. Cool the concentrate and add malai (indigenous cream)
5. Crushed nuts and rose flavour/vanilla
6. Place the mix in Kulfi cone.
7. Close the top of the cone by placing a small disc over them.
8. Make it air tight with wheat dough
9. Keep these cones in large earthen vessel containing mixture of ice and salt in the ration of 1:1 for freezing.

Physical characteristics:

1. Flavour (High, low acidic cooked bitter, unnatural metallic oxidized).
2. Body and texture.
3. (Crumbly, soggy, coarse, puffy, buttery).
4. Colour (Natural / unnatural).

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