Precipitation and Its Factors


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Precipitation And Its Factors

Precipitation is reaching of atmospheric humidity either as rain or snow to the ground. OR Precipitation can be defined as earth word falling of water drops of ice particles that have formed by rapid condensation in the atmosphere and are too large to remain suspended in the atmosphere.

Factors influencing precipitation:-

1. Only blowing of winds coming even over the sea is not enough to produce precipitation.
2. Horizontal movement is not conductive to precipitation.
3. The rain bearing clouds, hills, mountains, slanting slopes of the river ralleys lake dynamic cooling of the clouds.
4. Water vapour in atmosphere and moat conditions which promote greater precipitation.
5. Regiour covered with thick forest contributes more water vapour by transportation and thus provide favorable condition for preciption.
6. The prevalence of dry winds, higher temperature absence of barriers and cutting of monsoon currents these are unfavorable for precipitation.
7. Long & short breaks in the monsoon caused due to prevalence of dry winds slowing over land or desert plains from North East.
8. On the other hand geographical position, physical configuration and meteorological conditions are responsible for precipitation.


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