Pests and Diseases of Black Pepper


Pests and Diseases of Black Pepper


1. Pollu Beetle: Adult beetles feed on tender shoots arid young" spikes by scraping the tissues. They also feed on tender berries making them hollows    ;

Control: Spraying of Quinoiphos @ 0.05% twice a year in June-July and September-October helps to control the pest.

2. Top Shoot Borer: The caterpillars bore and damage terminal shoots of the vine resulting in drying of vines.
Spray 0.05%; endosulphan.

3. Scales and Mealy Bugs: They suck the sap from the stems and leaves.

Control: Spray dimemoate @ 0.05%.


1 Quick Wilt or Foot Rot: It is a fungal disease and infects leaves, aerial portion of vines, spikes, stem at ground level and roots. Severe infection of leaves and spikes causes their shedding. Infection at stem region is fatal.

Control: Remove infected vines arid bum them. Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture and apply bordeaux paste to stem from the ground level upto a height of 50 cm.

2. Slow Wilt:

3. Pollu Disease:

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