Package of Practices for Cultivation of Sadaphuli (Periwinkle)


Package of Practices for Cultivation of Sadaphuli (Periwinkle)

Botanical Name: Vinca rosea or Cathranthus roseus

Family: Apocynaceae

Cultivation of Sadaphuli:


Well distributed rain and climate of humid warm nature. It comes well under irrigated conditions.


Costal land, laterite soil is good but even it can grow in all types of soils.


Direct sowing or transplanting is adopted. Freshly harvested seeds are used for sowing at the rate of 25 kg/ha. Soak the seeds mix it with sand or neem cake while sowing. Seed generally loose their viability rapidly.


When seedlings attained height about 1 feet in 60 days, it can be transplanted during evening at the spacing 15 x 30 cm.

Weeding: Hand wedding or hoeing at 30 days interval.

Gap Filling: 30 days after plantation

Fertilizers: N 20 kg, P 30 kg, K 30 kg per hectare.,

Irrigation: 5 – 6 irrigations after rainy season at an interval of 10 days.

Disease: Continuous cultivation for 5 – 6 days in the some land causes yellow mosaic.
Harvesting: First harvesting of leaves after 6 months.  Pinching of leaves or apical bunds at days 120 which favours the production of lateral shoots.


6 months leaves 1st harvesting, 9 months 2nd harvesting and 12 months roots harvesting.

Under irrigated conditions – No irrigated condition.
3.6 tones/ha dry leaves – 2.0 tones/ha
L5 tones/ha branches (dry) 1.0 tones/ha
1.5 tones/ha-roots (dry) 0.75 tones/ha
Yield may very from place to place and also depends upon crop condition.


Vinblastine, vin cristine Ajamlicine, raubasine 9 Total alkaloids 1.5% ) in air dry roots.

Variety: WH – 40 Resistant to Diback.

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