Package of Practices for Cultivation of Cumiri


Package of Practices for Cultivation of Cumiri

Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum L.

Family: Apiaceae


Gujarat Cumin -1, Gujarat Cumin-2, Rajasthan Zeera-19.

Cultural Hints:

Deep friable, well drained soils, dry cool climate, sea level to 3000 m
MSL. Seed rate 8.0 kg/ha, sowing by dibbling or broadcasting, spacing 15 cm, FYM 10 t/ha and N 30 kg /ha m. two split doses (30 and 60 days) thin the plants at 5 cm high, 2 or 3 irrigations.

Harvesting and Yield:

Duration 100 – 110 days, harvest in stages, dry in shade and thresh, yield 450 to 550 kg/ha. 

Other Aspects:

Annual herb, seed contains volatile oil (7 to 8 %), dried seed is mainly used as a condiment, also used in mixed spices and curry powder.

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