Outline of Radio Talk


Outline of Radio Talk

Radio is the on of the most effective and popular electronics mass media in the world today. In India radio we first standard by a private company in Bombay (presently Mumbai). In Madras a private organization known as the madras Presidency Radio club was functioning from 31 st July 1924, But due to financial difficulties the transmits was suspended within a short period.

In March 1935. B.B.C was approached to help properly organic the service. On June, 1936, the Indian Stale broadcasting Service was renamed as “ All India Radio ( AIR ), In April 1937 a radio station was started in Peshawar. After the partition of the country three AIR Stations went to Pakistan – Lahore, Peshawar and Decca (now in Bangladesh). After independence several radio stations were setup. The All Indian Radio (AIR) was renamed as Akashvani on October 3, 1957.

All Indian radio has three tier system of broadcasting viz. national, Regional and local. Local Radio is a comparatively new concept of broadcasting in our country. Each of the station serving a small area provider utility services and reaches right into the heart of the community. The programming on local radio is area specific. these are fixable and spontaneous enough to enable the station function as the mouth piece of the local community. The first local station was setup at nagercoil in kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu in October 1984. It encourages the procedures to experiment an innovate a new format of broadcasting.

Radio acts as a catalytic agent between the sates a people. It provides a platform to both i.e. for discussion and dissemination of information. Radio and TV broadcasting essentially a part of mass media communication process. Shares the characteristic and limitation of such as system. In such a system, the amount of feedback readily available is low; the message flow tends to be one way and can be used to increase knowledge.

Radio is most widely accessible mass used to communicate information and news to the people. It is a good source of communicating agriculture information. It is a oral presentation heard by the audience. Hence the broadcaster has to attack and hold the attention of the audience otherwise the message is lost. The broadcast may be straight talks, interviews or forums. In all the types for broadcast is necessary. It is an outline of the broadcast.

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