Other Basis of Classification of Vegetables


Other Basis of Classification of Vegetables

A) Thermo Classification of Vegetables:

Vegetables are classified as cool and warm season crops. Depending upon temperature requirement, cool season crops require cool weather,

i) Cool Season: They are characterized by :

a. In all cases vegetative parts are edible ex. Leaves (Palak), roots (carrot). stem (kale) except peas. Fibrous root system.

b. Need constant supply of moisture.

c. Careful application of nutrients. Ex. Onion, garlic, Cole crops, root crops, Palak, potato, peas.

ii) Warm Season Crops: They are summer vegetables and characterized by:

i) In this group reproductive parts of vegetable are used for consumption example. Tomato, Brinjal, Cucurbits and beans. (Except – Sweet Potato).

ii) Tap root system.

iii) Water requirement is less.

iv) Tolerate more Temperature.Ex. Solanaceou8s except potato, sweet potato, okra, beans.

B) Miscellaneous Classification:

a. Direct sown: Okra, Beams

b. Transplanted: Brinjal, Tomato Onion, Cole crops

c. By cuttings only:Tondali, Sweet Potato

d. By bits of tubers :  Potato, Yam

C) According to Lime Requirement:

a. Require no Lime : Potato, Tomato, and Radishb.

b. Require lime medium : Pumpkin, Pea, and Cauliflower

c. Require more lime :  Brinjal, Cabbage, and Cauliflower

d. Need much lime :  Onion, Chilies

D) According to Forcing:

a. Cool forcing : Onion, Pea, cauliflower

b. Warm forcing : Cucumber, brinjal, Tomato

E) Rate of Respiration:

a. Very high rate of respiration : Pea, spinach

b. High rate of Respiration : Beans

c. Moderate rate of respiration : Carrot, Tomato, Chilli

d. Low and very low : Cabbage, Onion, and Potato.

F) Tolerance to Soil Reaction:

a. Slightly Tolerant (pH 6.8.6) : Cauliflower, Palak, Musk melon,

b) Moderately Tolerant (pH 6.8.6): Bean, Carrot, Garlic, Tomato,

c) Highly Tolerant (pH 6.8 – 5-5): Potato, Sweet Potato, Watermelon.

G) Classification Based on Salt Tolerance:

a) Semi tolerant 0.25 : Tomato,

b) Medium Tolerant 0.50 – 0.75 : Chilies, Okra, Cabbage, Sweet potato, Onion,

c) Highly tolerant 0.1 – 1.20 : Ridge gourd, Bitter gourd However, no one method satisfies all groups of workers.

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