Objectives of Extension Education


Objectives of Extension Education

The objectives of extension education are the expression of the ends forwards which our efforts are directed.  In other words, an objective means a direction of movement before, starting any programme, its objectives must be clearly stated, so that one knows where to go and what is to be achieved.  The objectives should be such which provide night direction to the large number of people to set a direction and travel the distance between theory and practice.
The fundamental objective of extension education is to raise the standard of lining of the rural people by helping them in wing their natural resources in the night way.  It should also help in providing minimum health, recreational, educational and haring facilities for improving family living conditions in the village.

Extension education in our country is primarily concerned with the following main objectives:

1. The basic objectives of the extension education are the overall development of the rural people.

2. To bring about desirable changes in the human behavior, which includes change in knowledge, skill and attitude?

3. The dissemination of useful and practical information relating to agriculture, including improved seeds, fertilizers, implements, pesticides, improved cultural practices, dairying, poultry nutrition etc.

4. To make the people aware that agriculture is a profit table profession.

5. To create an environment for rural people so that they can show their talent, leadership and efficiency.

6. To provide appropriate solution of the farmer’s problems.

7. To bring the scientist closer to the farmers.

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