Newton’s Bee Hive


Newton’s Bee Hive

It has following parts made of wood:

1. Floor board –14” ×  ” in size with an extension in front which serves as an alighting board.

2. Brood chamber –” × ”× ” in size with an entrance slit of ” × 3/8” at the base. It is mounted over the floor board.

3. Seven separate wooden frames” × ” × 6” in size and 7/8” broad. They are hung inside the brood chamber.

4. Super chamber –” ×” × ” in size. It is kept over the brood chamber.

5. Seven separate wooden frames”× ” × 2” in size and 7/8” broad. They are hung inside the super chamber.

6. A roof with an opening of” square guarded by wire gauge is kept over the super.

The wooden frames inside the hive should have a space of about in between any two. The hives are painted yellow, light blue, green or pink but never with red, black or gray. Green and light blue coloures are preferable.

The hive has to be fixed over termite proof stand of about a meter height and kept in shady place under trees or under a roof. It has to be protected from ants by providing oil bands on the stand or water-troughs under them.

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