Mixed Farming and Its Related Terms


Mixed Farming and Its Related Terms

Mixed Farming:

Mixed farming is defined as a system of farming on a particular farm which includes crop production, raising live stock, poultry, fisheries, bee keeping etc. to sustain and satisfy as many needs of the farmer as possible. Subsistence is important objective of mixed farming. While higher profitability without altering ecological balance is important in farming system.

Organic Farming:

Organic farming is a special type of farming in mixed farming. Organic farming is a method of farming mainly depends on organic recycling. Industrial agricultural chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc. are not used or the minimum extent necessary. However, organic farming cannot replace the chemicals production technology since there is need for higher and higher production with ever growing population on limited land.

Cropping System:

Cropping system is an important component of farming system: It represents cropping pattern used on a form and their interaction with resources, other farm enterprises and available technology, which determine their makeup.

Cropping Pattern:

Cropping pattern means the proportion of area under various at a point of time in a unit area. Or it indicates the yearly sequences and spatial arrangement of crops and fallow in an area.

Crop sequence and crop rotation are generally used synonymously.

Crop Rotation:

Crop rotation refers to recurrent succession of crops are so chosen that soil health is not impaired.

Cropping Scheme:

Cropping scheme is the plan according to which crops are grown on individual plots of a farm with an object of getting maximum return form each crop without impairing the fertility of soil is known as cropping scheme.

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